There’s another great Helen Hill retrospective screening down in Atlanta, as part of a new micro-cinema there. The Contraband Cinema will be screening The Florestine Collection, finished by her husband Paul Gailiunas, as well as films by a few other folks.

I’ve been a big fan of Helen’s work, and am so glad Paul took on the task of finishing her last film. As the ContrabandCinema website explains:

“Employing ingenious and resourceful DIY methods, documented in her book Recipes for Disaster, Helen Hill created films and taught filmmaking at the academic and community level. She was much loved in the experimental animation community and continued to work until 2007 when she was killed in New Orleans during a home invasion. She is survived by her husband Paul Gailiunas, their son, two cats and a potbellied pig. There are several awards dedicated to the memory of Helen.”

If you live in/near Atlanta, be sure to check it out.

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