Brian Newman has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences and for a variety of organizations internationally.


He has spoken on a host of topics including:
  • Brands and Cinema
  • Direct-distribution & New Distribution Methods
  • Archive digitization, access and distribution
  • Marketing, Outreach and Audience Development through new technologies
  • The future of media
  • VOD and New Business Models

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Upcoming Talks:

Camden International Film Festival

Europa International Conference, Bucharest

Past Talks:

Keynote, Toronto International Film Festival Filmmaker BootCamp

Future of Arts & Culture Foundations in the US & Europe; Foundation Center and Consulate of Denmark

Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival

ReelWorld – Impact

Europa International Conference, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Camden: Branded Docs

Locarno Film Festival – Distribution; Transparency in Film Numbers

Danish Consulate NYC: The Future of the Cultural Industries

Sheffield Doc Fest: DocCampus VOD

MountainFilm Telluride: Coffee Chat

Hot Docs – Audience Engagement; and Brands & Docs

European Documentary Network (EDN) Moving Pictures Conference, Athens, Greece

Emory University: Careers in Film

Full Frame: The New Theatrical

Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival: Pitch

Europa Cinemas, New Models, Prague, CZ

Sundance 2015: Brands and Cinema; the Transparency Project

Arthouse Convergence: The Transparency Project

Big Sky Film Festival: Distribution; VOD and Maximizing Revenue

Hot Docs: Forum Moderator

IDFA: Branded Documentaries 

Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM), Montreal, Canada http://www.ridm.qc.ca/en

Cork Film Festival: Audience Building Strategies & VOD Models

Viaggio Per L’Italia: New business models in a sharing economy

Europa Films, Athens, Greece

School of Visual Arts (SVA) New York, NY http://www.sva.edu/

PushPush Theater, Atlanta, GA http://www.pushpushtheater.com/

Camden International Film Festival, Camden, ME http://camdenfilmfest.org/

IFP Film Week, New York, NY http://www.ifp.org/programs/independent-film-week/

Past Talks Videos and Text:

Watch a popular presentation, “Vimeo: The Art of Getting Paid” below:

Among his many talks, several are available online via Slideshare:

Vimeo: Art of Getting Paid 

A talk I gave at the Vimeo Festival about how to get paid for online video. I was joined midway through by Ryan Koo – who is getting paid for his online work.

UnionDocs Transmedia Overview

A general overview of transmedia and transmedia business models as presented to UnionDocs in Brooklyn, NY

DocAviv – Roadmap to the Future of Docs 

Slides from my workshop at DocAviv with Hypermedia. A six hour, three part, workshop. Some new material here, but repeats some of my similar filmmaker workshops.

Sofia: Inventing the Future of Film

My recent panel presentation for the Sofia Film Fest Meetings.

DIY Days – Reclaiming DIY: it’s not JUST a business model

My slides from DIY Days in NYC March, 2011.

New directions for documentary production and distribution – RIDM

My speech at the RIDM Doc Festival and Market in Amsterdam.

Reinventing the Arts – NYFA Panel

My talk for the New York Foundation for the Arts – about using technology to connect with audiences and build a fan base. A little bit about where things are going with transmedia and how artists might use these techniques.

Transmedia Biz Models, Pixel Lab

My speech on innovating new business models for transmedia (and cross-platform, generally) as given at the Pixel Lab, Wales.

ATL-PushPush Audience Engagement

The second half of the Atlanta, PushPush weekend seminar was on audience engagement strategies. This includes everything from social media to transmedia and ended with a workshop on planning the distribution and outreach for six local films.

ATL-PushPush Distrib/Fundraise 101 

This part of the workshop focused on distribution and fundraising strategies.

Chicago inventing Future Speech 

Slides from my recent presentation in Chicago for the IFP Chicago Producers Series.

DIY Days Speech on Innovation 

My talk today at DIY days – the audio and text of speech is crucial and hope to link soon.

Glasgow – Inventing the Future 

A talk I gave in Glasgow for BAFTA Scotland at the CCA – for Scottish Students on Screen. The attendees were mainly students graduating from University.

Shooting People Engage 101 

My presentation for Shooting People and DCTV on distribution and engaging audiences. A new presentation with some mixed older materials and some very new stuff summarizing how to think about transmedia.

PTTP09 London Film Fest Workshop 

A workshop on how to make a sustainable living as a filmmaker in today’s marketplace, and in light of “free.” Good for organizations and other artists, and not just about free, but about how to survive a bad marketplace using new tools.

PTTP London Film Forum Speech 

Another version of a presentation I have given before. Some new examples added for the Power to the Pixel London Film Forum.

Diy Days Speech on “Free” 

My very quick presentation at DIY Days Philly on how filmmakers and any other artist can make a living in a world where everything seems to be available for free.

Reframe Overview For EFF 

An overview of the Reframe project given at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

Filmmakers making a living with free 

How can filmmakers and other artists make a living in a world of free content? Some possibilities are explored in this presentation I gave at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

Open Video Conference Presentation

This is the presentation I’m giving at the Open Video Conference at NYU.

Tribeca All Access – Online Tools, making money and building audiences for film

My presentation at the 2009 Tribeca All Access kick-off.

Reframe Overview 

A description of the Reframe project, digitizing and making accessible our visual heritage. www.reframecollection.com from Renew Media.


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